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Ukraine Potato Chips Industry
Ukraine Potato Chips Industry


Ukraine Potato Production
Ukraine is the forth potato producer in the world, after China, India and Russian. In Ukraine, potatoes are planted at over 1.4 million hectares. To 1 October 2014, Ukraine harvested 23.3 million MT of potatoes, which is 2 million MT (9.4%) more than in 2013. During 2011-2012, more than 75% of potato production is consumed at home or distributed within family, relatives and friends, 7-8% go directly to supermarkets, and only 1% is exported.
Potato Varieties in State Register of Ukraine
Potato varieties produced varies from year to year. In 2013, there are totally 152 varieties in the National Register, compared with 100 varieties in 2002. Among them, 79 are Ukrainian varieties and the remain 73 are foreign varieties. Ukrainian origin accounts for 52%, while Dutch varieties represent 23% and German varieties represent 22%. There are more demand for red varieties.
Potato Processing Market Situation
Limited Potato Processing
As potato prices in Ukraine is extremely low, so potato processing is concerned. However, the potatoes utilized rate for processing in Ukraine is extremely small. During 2011- 2012, the potato processing represented no more than 3.5% of total production volume. This is attributed to several


reasons, including low quality of potatoes, high cost of energy resources, low storage capacity, lack of support from State and high financing cost. Kraft Foods Ukraine remains the only large manufacturer of chips in the country.
Imports of Potato Snacks
Growing consumption of snacks in Ukraine together with relatively low competition among domestic manufacturers cause the increasing imports of potato chips. According to State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Ukraine imported totally 7,800 tons of potato chips and snack in January-November 2013, which increases 30% compared with the whole year 2012. Imports from Russia increased 12 times than the previous season, while imports from Poland were relatively stable and remained higher than that of Russian ones.
Potato Chips Production Line
Our semi-potato chips production line features low investment, low energy consumption and multi-functions. It is suitable for low scale potato chips production, with the minimum capacity being 30kg per hour. As for energy saving, the electric fryer can save 40% electricity. Besides, we also provide coal-heated fryer. The line can not only process potatoes, but can also process sweet potato, carrot and cassava, etc.