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Uganda Plantain Chips Industry
Uganda Plantain Chips Industry

Plantains are a type of banana. Its fruits are edible, and they are firmer and starchier and usually eaten as a savory dish. Plantains are very common in Uganda being the staple food for many people.
Plantain Production in Uganda
Uganda is the largest producer with 9.2 million metric tons compared with the second largest producer, Ghana, with about 3.55 million metric tons. Other important producers are Rwanda, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Colombia. The following picture shows the Uganda’s plantain production quantity from the year 1961 to 2012.


Consumption Of Plantain in Uganda
Uganda is the highest per capita consumption of banana/plantain in the world. Africans consume 21 kg of banana and plantain per capita per year, while Ugandans consume 191 kg per year, more than half of one kg per day.
Plantains can be prepared in a variety of ways. In Uganda they are usually peeled and wrapped in the plant leaves. Then steamed for a couple of hours. They are usually served smashed in a fresh leave and eaten with a sauce made of vegetables, ground peanuts or some type of meat. Apart from cooking it, plantains are also fried or baked in Uganda. It is great with fish, meats, soups or eggs.
Market Potential Of Plantain
Plantain has a huge market acceptance partly for its nutritional value and the versatility of its derivatives, which increase the market potential of plantain. Plantain business is worth investing for it has lot of self-diversification lines with specific market demands.


Methods Of Plantain Chips Production
a, Semi-Automated Method
The semi-automated method is suitable for small scale plantain chips production. The machines that needed are plantain slicing machine, blanching machine, de-watering machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavoring machine and packing machine. This will largely improve the efficiency of the production.
b, Automated Method
This method is suitable for large scale plantain chips production. The whole line includes slicing machine, chips hoister, chips rinsing line, blanching machine, dewatering machine, electricity heated frying line, chips de-oiling line, chips flavoring machine, picking line, and packing machine. You can also choose the capacity of production line.