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Information about Gluten Free Chips
Information about Gluten Free Chips


Gluten is a form of protein commonly found in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten free chips are manufactured for individuals who must adhere to a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease or gluten allergies. There are varieties of gluten free chips available in the market, such as potato chips and corn chips.
Gluten Free Chips Varieties
Many varieties of potato chips are gluten free, such as sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, and barbecue-flavored chips. Tortillas, which are made from corn, rather than wheat flour, are gluten free. Black bean chips and natural flax gluten-free chips are also the choice for celiac sufferers. Chips made with rice flour, chickpea flour or dried lentils are gluten free. Most fat-free or low-fat chips are also gluten free.
Gluten Free Chips and Weight Loss
As gluten attributes to the starchiness, gluten free chips came as a delight to the people who love chips but also want to lose weight. While diets that eliminate gluten can help to lose weight fast, you must consult with a doctor before going on this diet. This is because it may be unhealthy to avoid gluten completely if you have certain conditions.


Buying Tips
Shopping for gluten free products at the grocery store are tough and time consuming for gluten allergy people as it is difficult to search through all the products on the shelves and trying to find what is gluten free. Fortunately, now most supermarkets offer a variety of gluten-free chips and snack products. Some stores even have a designated aisle of gluten-free products that are safe for any person with a gluten intolerance.
When choosing the gluten-free chips, choose the brand that has been prepared and produced in a gluten-free area to avoid gluten cross contamination from other products.