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Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line

automatic frozen french fries line

Frozen French Fries-A Flavor Loved by the Whole World
Frozen French fries are popular and generally ate as an accompaniment with lunch or dinner, or ate as a snack. For decades, frozen French fries have enjoyed much popularity. People from almost the whole world are enchanted by the unique flavor, the crispy and golden-brown appearance, fluffy and steamy inner fries, even the diversified packing and flavors, which all have made a whole lot of folks mouth-watering and happy. Then can you think of a tastier snack?
Advantages of Automatic Frozen French Fries Line

1. Every machine is made of high quality stainless steel, up to health standard, easy to clean.
2. The efficient automatic frozen French fries production line also can be adjusted to produce potato chips.
3. Low oil consumption, high automatic, high work efficiency, saves labor and energy.

frying french fries

4. Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.
5. 180kg/h, 300kg/h and 800kg/h, three capacity model for your choice.
6. We supply two types of production lines with different output capacity for your choice: semi-automatic production line and full automatic production line.
Main Machines Used in the Production Line
Washing & peeling machine: Emery lining or brush type for your choice. Both of them can finish cleaning and peeling at one time
Potato cutting machine: It cuts potato into slice or strips shape; the thickness and size could be adjusted totally as your preference.
Potato chips blanching machine: It is used for washing the potato chips, making them look more attractive.
Dewatering machine: Dewater the chips by centrifugal force, saving the time of frying and improving the taste.
Frying machine: Independently controlled oil temperature guarantees the good quality and taste of French fries. Oil stays at the top and water stays below. The residue will precipitate directly in the water, and finally flow outside together with the water.
De-oiling machine: Remove the extra oil of the fried French fries to reduce the oil content, make them more delicious.
Chips flavoring machine: French fries rotate evenly in the rotary drum. Adopt spray method, making seasoning even and French fries not easy to break.
Chips packing machine: Inflate the nitrogen into bag while making packaging. This could prevent the French fries from being broken and extend the shelf life. It can finish inflation, packaging and printing date one time.
Instant freezer: It is used to freeze the French fries in a short time.
Cold room: After being frozen, the French fries need to be stored in the cold room, avoid thawing and going bad. The cold room should be prepared by customers themselves.

delicious frozen french fries

300kg/h Automatic Frozen French Fries Line Parameter

 No. Name   Voltage Dimension 
 1  Potato Hoister 0.55kw/380v/50Hz  3350x720x2250mm 
 2  Washing and peeling machine 2.75kw/380v/50Hz  2800x830x1550mm 
3  Potato Picking line 0.55kw/380v/50Hz  3900x730x1100mm 
 4 Hoister  0.55kw/380v/50Hz   1600x700x1800mm
 5 Potato cutting machine  1.5kw/380v/50Hz  1000x800x1600mm 
 Cleaning line  1.87kw/380v/50Hz  3000x1030x1350mm
 7  Chips Blanching line 54.55kw/380v/50H  4500x1130x1400mm 
 8  Dewatering machine 6.75kw/380v/50Hz  4000x950x1880mm 
 9  Electrical frying machine 120kw/380v   6200x2000x2000mm
 10 Vibration de-oiling  1.1kw/380v50Hz   2000x1000x1200mm
 11 Wind De-oiling line  18.75kw/380v/50Hz   4000x1000x2250mm
 12 Chips Picking line  0.55kw/380v/50Hz   3700x800x1130mm
 13 Packing machine  6kw/ 380v   /
14 Chips Instant freezer(2sets)  1.2kw  1250*500*750mm 
15   Cold room  / 3600*1800*2400mm 


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